About the Artist

Heather Morales, Alexander Nieten Morales, Heather Morales Designs, Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Heather Morales first grew interested in the arts at the age of seven. Inspired by her Mother, she was exposed to casting jewelry, charcoal drawings, and even taking something simple like a saw blade, or bark from a tree and turning it into a beautiful piece of art. Her mother is responsible for inspiring and nurturing Heather's creativity.

Although Heather's experience in drawing with pencil, painting on canvas, gluing small intricate pieces of paper to form a picture and small scale murals. She had a desire and willingness to create beautiful one-of a kind jewelry items. She started with beading jewelry, but having such a love for sterling silver and copper, the direction of her jewelry started developing into the art of chain maille and wire wrapping. While having a love and passion for beads, and blending it with her fascination with chain maille and wire wrapping, Heather's niche was born.

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